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Ebre (VII)
16 December 2009

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Live in London
14 March 2013

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Recent Comments

Shaahin Bahremand on Evening standard
incredible shot

Blandine111 on Evening standard
Great effect and composition.

Daryl Johnson on Desire of overcoming
Very good perspective, great angle.

Basile Pesso on Desire of overcoming
Excellent tone and composition.

Ted on Rainy days
fab tone and depth.

Daryl Johnson on Don't wanna arrive home
Very stylish, nice use of the highlights.

Carol on Don't wanna arrive home
excellent moment and great b and w. I like the two different poses

Aubélia on Don't wanna arrive home
Wonderful black and white. Superb light. Have a nice day.

Sarito on Don't wanna arrive home
Excellent b&w

Basile Pesso on Don't wanna arrive home
James Dean or Gregory Peck ? :-) Excellent mood...

Bruno F on Don't wanna arrive home
Magnificent composition. Wonderful b&w and light ! Bravo

Daryl Johnson on Rainy days
The brightness of this works very well.

Sylvie Fondacci on Rainy days
Very nice, love the blue umbrella !

B. Thomas on Rainy days
Cool shot. It almost looks like selective color.

Ian Smith on Urban gap
Very good!

Ian Smith on Rainy days
This is great!

Tony on Rainy days
I love th ehigh key look. Well composed and I love the splash of blue.

Ana Lúcia on Rainy days
I love the composition you have chosen here.

Aubélia on Rainy days
Fantastic !

Anna.C on Searching for a new life
beautiful atmosphere and color processing !

Anna.C on Rainy days
excellent perspective, and rain mood ! I love the touch of the blue umbrella !

CLODO on Rainy days
Superb perspective, excellent fog mood, and good framing for the blue umbrella.

Bruno F on Rainy days
Magnificent composition ! Bravo

Basile Pesso on Out there
Very good.

Basile Pesso on Searching for a new life

Basile Pesso on Rainy days
Excellent compo and stunning mood.

ɅTLɅNTIS on Go into the deep of the forest while the rain s...
این عکس هم بسیار زیباست خیلی عالیه

ɅTLɅNTIS on Out there
چه عکس زیبایی ترکیب بندی ، ویرایش ، رنگها ، همه چیز عالیه من به ...

Aubélia on Out there
Beautiful image! Have a nice day.

omid on Go into the deep of the forest while the rain s...
very nice! so beautiful colors, lights & atmosphere! Lovely!

omid on Out there
wooow! very nice & amazing! so beautiful frame, colors & lights! Lovely!

Helodie on Go into the deep of the forest while the rain s...
Beautiful, I like this atmosphere and the tones.

Aubélia on Go into the deep of the forest while the rain s...
Wonderful atmosphere. Good day.

Daryl Johnson on Urban gap
Beautifully done, great highlights and shadows.

Marie on Live in London
magnifique !

Daryl Johnson on Un antes i un després
The brightness really suits this, very well judged, well framed.

Daryl Johnson on Live in London
Along by City Hall, I've tried with my camera there myself, but not with such elegant success!

Daryl Johnson on Style
Love the angle, and lightness of touch.

Daryl Johnson on Maquillaje
Beautifully lit, really striking and appealing shot.

Daryl Johnson on Dormilega
Beautifully toned, great colour.

Tony on Live in London
Wonderful photo, so atmospheric. Perfectly balanced with the dark pedestrians against the light mist and fog beyond.

Tony on Urban gap
Beautiful image. I love the composition, that mesh of railway lines glinting out of the darkness and the buildings ...

Curly on Live in London
Great street shot with fascinating lines, many congratulations.

Basile Pesso on Urban gap
Wonderful difference of light between the parts of the frame. Excellent.

Jackie on Live in London
Wonderful image! Congrats!

Graham Morgan on Live in London
Timeless classic.

Pernelle on Live in London
Bravo, un petit quelque chose à la Caillobotte !

Basile Pesso on In-communications
This scene is wonderfully composed.

Eric Laforgue on Live in London
Les couleurs et la composition sont terribles. Bravo.

Elaine Hancock on Live in London
Congratulations on the Spotlight!

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